Intergrating Gmic on a Deeper level

I just want to start a conversation about integrating Gmic into mypaint and the potential hurdles that we may face. Plus whether we just want to use integrate the surface plugin part of gimic, or use the library to actually calculate a lot of deeper parts of MyPaint. For example integrate the colorize tools into our fill bucket tool, or add an effects menu that utilized gimic. Plus will licensing prevent us from integrating on library level?

Like I said I just want to start a conversation about a possibility of integrating gmic and what hurdles we may face.

Information about gmic:


Hurray, that has always been a wish. I love Gmic :gift::birthday::tada:

@dothiko do you have any thoughts on this? I’m curious if this could be added to improve the fill tool you are working on.

@odysseywestra It is very interesting! :smile:
Especially about “Black & White / Colorize” of GMIC,
If that filter deeply integrated, I think it would be something another new tool, named “gmic-fill” or something like that.
Because, the user interface for that tool would be very different from flood-fill tool.

Ideally, I hope that tool can paint hint strokes with Mypaint brush, Interactively. :smiley:

I’m sure the UI can be simplified more and move the advance options to the options and properties window that each tool can have. Personally I would try to use gmic to improve the tools we have and not duplicate tools.

It could encourage us to create a plugin API and have gmic access it too.

@achadwick, do you have any thoughts on using Gmic with MyPaint?