Installing the Nightly Flatpak Help

Hello Odysseywestra

I have Linux Mint 18.3 and I have installed the stable Flatpak version of MP

I have also installed the Flatpak (nightly)

Unfortunately, the new (alpha) features, like scaling are not included

is it possible to have the new features via “flatpak”

Since I also use “Opentoonz Github”, it is too complicated for me because of “libmypaint 2 Alpha” to install

Lg Peter

Looks like @manuq isn’t keeping the nightly repo updated. So for now you have to build and install the flatpak locally if you want the latest features. You’ll have to clone the repo and navigate to the flatpack folder. I pasted the Readme from that folder down below.

The files in this folder are used to generate nightly Flatpak builds of MyPaint.

Stable Flatpak builds of MyPaint are on

To locally build and install nightly MyPaint using Faltpak:

flatpak remote-add --no-gpg-verify --user local-repo ${PATH_TO_REPO}
flatpak-builder --repo=${PATH_TO_REPO} ${PATH_TO_BUILD} org.mypaint.MyPaint.json
flatpak --user install local-repo org.mypaint.MyPaint-Nightly

Set PATH_TO_REPO and PATH_TO_BUILD to somewhere in your home. The directories will be created by flatpak if they don't exist.

Hallo odysseywestra ,
Unfortunately, I do not know how to deal with “repo, locally flatpak” .I tried one and the other out .

So I downloaded “github master mypaint”, and then in the terminal for {Path_To_Repo} my path to repo for $ {home /…/ .

Better look at the photo

Maybe @manuq makes it possible that it is possible to update via nightly repo.

lg peter

my apoligies! I just updated the nightly flatpak build of MyPaint.

Please follow the installation and update steps from

Hey manuq

Thank you very much.:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

lg peter

I re-installed Linux Mint 18.3
And tried “MyPaint Flatpak (nightly)” to install and unfortunately always get this error message.


Lg peter