Inquiring about tools and languages used developing mypaint

Why hello there. I have been using ‘mypaint’ application for some time now. I find it quite handy. Kudos.

In short, this discussion is an inquiry into the tools, programming languages, and platforms used to develop ‘mypaint’. Developer feedback is much appreciated. I am slowly getting my workspace comfortable enough to develop. The tools
used to develop some of my favorite apps would be handy indeed.

Thanks for reading. Please reply.

This page is probably a good place to start looking

I’ve updated the Programming wiki page with some information about GTK/GDK documentation, and the… idiosyncratic… method I use for figuring out what Python method name corresponds with a C function via GI.

@maknam What information would you be looking for? I really want to add some high-level concept stuff to the docs for new starters, for example a block diagram, but we should be guided by what our users say really. What information did you wish you had?

For now though, we have some pretty comprehensive Guides for New Contributors available on the wiki as well. It tries to cover the broader picture, outside just programming.