Inking tool: Allow old Strokes to be Edited?

We’ve got an interesting feature request over in developer land.

It would be nice to be able to redraw old strokes. MyPaint almost has enough stored information to allow that, but not quite enough. And we have that new inking tool now that allows you to tweak your last stroke. Us techies can add the missing bits, but we’d like to know how you artists want the actual tool to work.

How should this work?

I’m guessing you’d start by picking a stroke. You can already do this with the W key, but all it does is load the old brush settings so you can paint with the brush you used for that passage.

Perhaps in the inking tool, this command could do more, like lay out the control panels and the accept/delete buttons? Make it editable like a stroke the inking tool’s just captured?

For performance reasons (and to avoid confusion), we might need to have the stroke locked initially. Would you be OK with an unlock button :unlock: and no edit controls after you pick an old stroke? Unlocking might change its appearance, but if you’re using this for anime/manga/comics inking, that might be OK (the changes would be pretty small for opaque black lines).

The unlocking could happen automatically when you do a pick/select on a historic stroke.

We could add a button for picking/selecting a stroke when you’re just newly in the inking tool without anything captured or picked.

Just some ideas.

Techie side

(Warning, the link below contains some heavy technical detail and jargon! It’s merely the techie side counterpart to this topic. Feel free to visit it for a look behind the scenes though.)

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This is almost certainly going to require a specialized layer type, for some quite involved technical reasons. Shame! I’d have liked it to work on any kind of layer…

(We’d need to repaint other old strokes too. Things overlap. Changing history is hard.)

Re-editable ink stroke is great idea!!:relaxed: I hope we can use it.
I think if there were some functionality which enable to edit only a ‘previous’ ink stroke (like a Linemode’s line->curve adjustment), there should be a huge difference in ease-of-use.

If all inkstroke were editable in anytime by specialized layer… it’s awesome!:smile: