Incentives for developers

Hello! I am thinking that we can use micro-payment platforms such as Flattr or BountySource to incentive programmers to solve issues like this:

Someone interested in that specific demand?

Not that enthused by the idea really - it basically makes my life more complicated. I also don’t want MyPaint to become a pay-for-features program.

On the other hand, tablet support is really difficult without having all the hardware. I’ve been thinking about building a hardware library for MyPaint development and testing. I could organize it by Amazon wishlist, and take donations for that somehow. Suggestions welcome. There might be the possibility of loans within a reasonable area, but I’d basically own the devices and receive them as gifts.

Pay or donate the device as “gift” is very expensive. I have access to a device and I have programming skills, but I have not time neither familiarity with the source code. My brother is painter and wants use his Dell notebook.

I imagine Flattr’s micropayments like “compromised donations”.

Also could be cheaper gifts…

@achadwick, I have many tips but I can not post more than two links!

That a limit for new users on our community forms to prevent unwanted spam. Once you reach trust_level one that restriction is removed.

As far micro-payments or similar BountySource projects, I’m on the similar lines as @achadwick on this. It adds a level of complexity on a business level that the MyPaint Community Team is not equipped to handle. It also add more complexity since our contributes are from all around the world.

Personally, you are more than welcome to start a BountySource campaign, or commission a developer to add the feature you want. We’ll treat them like any other contributor, and give them the respect they deserve. However, as far the MyPaint Community Team creating a micro-transaction system or doing bounty source campaign, we are just not equip to handle those situations nor will we endorse such practices. It may change in the future, but that where we stand right now.

About this: What do user trust levels do?

Each issuer and interested can formulate its mode of operation. They can work in terms of donations. I am thinking regarding offer of proportional donations (under criteria and “requirements” of who does the offer) to who programs a solution, to who makes the merging, and to the maintainer (after release).