Image rotation


Is there a way to rotate (or flip) the actual image? Not only the canvas?

I was sifting through the menus and searching this forum but was unable to find an answer. I am using mypaint version 2.0.0.


If I understand correctly, try ] and [. In the menu it is under View → Adjust View → Mirror Horizontal/Vertical.

I’m afraid there is no way to rotate or otherwise transform layers within the software itself.

For individual layers, you can open them in external editors (right-click on a layer in the layers panel and choose Edit Layer in External App) and do the rotation there. For whole images (multiple layers) you would have to open the .ora in Krita, use their rotation tools, and save it as an .ora again (if you use mypaint-specific features, like pigment layers, that data would be lost, i.e. you’d have to change the layer types after opening in MyPaint again).

The lack of selection and transformation tools is undeniably one of the weakest parts of MyPaint. As with so many other things, it’s a question of available time, and willingness to spend it.

@pozitron57 This action just transforms the canvas. If you then save and open the image it will have its original orientation.

@jpll Thank you for the confirmation. Unfortunatelly, I am not skilled enough to help. Just to let you know my use case, I am grading a lot of student’s math homeworks and some of their pictures have a wrong orientation. It is not a big problem, I can rotate it easily while grading and maybe they will be more carefull next time :slight_smile:

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Useful information, thanks!

You can as well export the OpenRaster and open it in LazPaint. Latest version (7.1.6) supports SVG layers as well, you can transform them as you like, without loss of information.

The metadata though is lost. Though it would be worth talking about interoperability questions and see if we can improve that.