Im trying to set up so my backspace and pen can move around the layer rather then the right click on the mouse

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i cant find the solution to this issue , i can do this on PS and CSP but i prefer the brushes this program has and the endless canvas , any information on how to set this up would of great help ty

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If the question is: “Can I use my backspace key to pan the canvas?”, then the answer is “Not without editing the code.”

You can use the space key, since that is a hard-coded substitute for mouse2 (for historical reasons, I’m not sure exactly why). So if you bind mouse2 to “Pan canvas” you can use the space key instead of a mouse/stylus button.

aha , ty vm, any chance you know where this can be set up exactly ?
i cant find the right click mouse anywhere set in the keys section

Since the binding is hard-coded, there is nothing to set up for the key itself. If you press the space key, it will act as mouse2 (which usually is the middle mouse button). So go the “Buttons” tab in your preferences, select (or add, using the plus button) “Pan View” and bind it to “Button2”, if it isn’t already.

You should now be able to use the space bar to pan the canvas.

If there is literally no way for you to input a Button2 event to create the binding, you can set it up manually in the settings file (not recommended in general). On linux this file is located here:
If you are a Windows user it should be located in a mypaint subdirectory in the standard user settings location (can’t remember the name of the location).

First bind “Pan View” to something you can bind it to (like Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Button1)
Open the settings file and search for “PanViewMode”, and change the line like this:

 "<Alt>Button1": "PanViewMode" (for example)
-> should become
 "Button2": "PanViewMode"
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