I cant move my layers

hi im new to MyPaint hub and would like some help on, one how to start a topic becuze im not sure if im doing it right. two, my layers in MyPaint will just stop working right, its happened to me twice now, i can make knew layers,groups, ect but i cant move any of them. the only way i have found to fixs it is by restarting my laptop. any help would be amazing thx :3

Could you send a screencap of the issue? You can uploaded it to a website like https://imgur.com/ and link back the video in your post. That way anyone can help. There only so much one can do when given limited information.

i will if it happens again but since i put the first post up it hasn’t happened again idk if my laptop was having problems that day or something. ty for this and i will make sure to do it if it ever happens again :3

how many time did it happens?