I cannot find the dmg for mac OS X

i got a big problem, i followed the link that said MyPaint is avalable on Macport but there is nothing there, each time i click on the link (MyPaint 1.2) on the macport website there is a huge page with many thing like a code …?
I am not a programmer at all, even what i saw on macport scares me …

So my question is Do you have a link with a normal .dmg, something like MyPaint.dmg ?

Thank you even if you just read :slight_smile:

Sadly the only way right now to get the OSX version of MyPaint is though macports. If someone is interested in building .dmg installer for OSX that would be nice.

If you want to know how to install MyPaint via macports visit this thread. It has a video on how to install macports and what commands to use.

macport is too much complicated for me :frowning:
I will come back time to time to see if one day you have a dmg :wink:
Anyway, Thank you for your quick answer and link to help me, much appreciated.

Best regards