How to switch language?

Hi! I can’t seem to find a way to switch language to English. I found that I need to uncheck an option during installation, but I can’t seem to find it. My system language is Russian but I want to use the software in English.

I’ve been using various graphic software for 15 years and used to English names of commands. Seeing it in Russian is very confusing.

MyPaint version:

Operating System + Version:
Windows 10

Hi, I don’t see any reply to this old question on Windows 10.
I’ve just installed the standard release of MyPaint AppImage (MyPaint v2.0.0 (2020-02-15)) on my Ubuntu 18.04. I would like to switch the interface of MyPaint in Italian but I can’t find any way to do it.
Am I missing something very simple?
Thank you,

Hi, this functionality was only implemented last year, hence the lack of replies. You can change the language in the user preferences, (Modifica → Modifica Preferenze) under the View tab (Visualizza).

Thank Jpll for the quick answer.
I’m on an Ubuntu 18.04 and tried both the AppImage and the Flatpack installations:
with the AppImage I have the “Language” setting, but the only options are “System language” and “English US”. How cna I add Italian as an additional option?
With the FlatPack I don’t have any “Language” option under the View tab…
Can you hellp me?

You may have downloaded the appimage with -no-translations in the name, which omits them to reduce size (they make up ~20% of the full image size).

I don’t know why the flatpack installation does not ship any translations, I’ll have to look into it at some point. Glad to hear that the flatpack is working at all, at least.

For now I would suggest using the latest appimage from the continuous release. Download the one that doesn’t have -no-translations in the name.

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Thank you jpll, that was exactly the problem. I downloaded the appimage without no-translations and I managed to have the Italian interface!

I’m from Brasil - sorry for my English

1 - go to 2° menu - EDIT
2 - go to last option - EDIT PREFERENCES
3 - go to 6° option (VIEW) and change in INTERFACE