How to remove the extra space above pasted photos?

Hello dear team,

I use MyPaint for a long time. Often I Paste your clipboard photo. Up until now, always lined up evenly at the top, in full-screen view. A long time I did not use the program. Please register now if there is an extra margin. See attached picture.

It does not help disable and enable again. It does not help reinstall the program. It does not help to remove the folder from the user’s settings. It does not help Installation from the new version 1.2

How can I fix it.

I use windows xp and MyPaint 1.0

Thank you for help.

Best Regards

Sorry, 1.0 is a bit too old for official support, and we so not support Windows XP with newer versions.

thanks for your message
okay oh well. Try to find some workaround