How to make it for android?

how to make it for android?anybody knows,please hurry,thx a lot

The Krita developers ported all of Krita to Android, including the MyPaint brush engine I suppose (haven’t tried it myself). You might want to ask the person responsible for that, if it’s just the brush engine you want to bring over.

but they ported by qt,i dont want.
now i use libmypaint from source,but when i compile ,they say cant found “config.h”,so where is “config.h”?

@jpll Do you know? Has config.h been replaced by

You’ll need to tell us how you build libmypaint for Andoid so one of us can reproduce the issue. @briend is also familiar with libmypaint so he might be able to point you in the right direction.

Also just because krita uses qt doesn’t mean the tools to compile libmypaint changed all that much so you’ll need to do some research on that end as well. libmypaint is written in C so binding it to qt probably wasn’t that all that trivial to them. With that said if you do start a conversation on the Krita fourms, be sure to link back to here so we can follow along as well.

but the code write #include"config.h" in fifo.c,so the source code from github is old?and i use source code from android studio with ndk,but i when build it,they said “not found config.h”,i think i can delete the #include “config.h” ,is right?

Don’t know… I’m not a developer.

config.h is necessary, and it’s a generated file. You should really read the README file, if you follow its instructions on building libmypaint you’ll be able to build it.