How to make a brush that loses paint and turns into a blend brush?

Hello, I just switched over from Corel Painter 12(torrented) to MyPaint because I got Linux Mint, and Painter 12 doesn’t work well with wine, and I really loved the dry brush from it. What I want to do is make a brush like that (title kinda explains it) in MyPaint.


(Also if I posted this in the wrong category, sorry, this is my first post)

Seems like the right category to me. I think a few of the default brushes do something like this.

The setting for blendiness is called “Smudge”. Settings control what a brush does at a point in time. Settings are controlled by inputs, like speed, tilt, pressure, or stroke length. But some inputs are affected by some settings!

The distance covered by the current stroke is an input, shown as “Stroke” in the Brush Dynamics list for a setting. Quite what a “stroke” means in this sense is controlled by the settings named “Stroke threshold”, “Stroke duration”, and “Stroke hold time”. Hover over the setting names for a description! Anyway, controlled by those 3 settings, the Stroke input’s job is to go from 0 to 1 over a set distance painting above a certain pressure threshold. It normally resets after a very long distance, but you can tell it not to.

Here’s an example:

This is classic/pointy_ink.myb with a bigger radius and the following settings and values:

  • Smudge → Smudge → Base value: 0, and vary it by Stroke to a max of: 1
  • Stroke → Stroke duration → Base value: 5, no variation (dynamics)
  • I didn’t bother with Stroke → Stroke hold time, but you should probably set it to 10 to keep the smudginess happening without getting reset.

So the smudginess of the brush rises gradually from 0 to 1 (full). The default variation is linear, but you can play with the curve.

That’s all settable in the brush editor, by the way. It’s on Ctrl+B by default.