How to install Dopeyanimation fork of MyPaint?

Hi, maybe this isn’t the right place to ask but does anyone know how to install

(the x-sheet mypaint link doesn’t even load for me)

I don’t know how to use github or whether there’s a Windows version or not.
If there isn’t, is there any chance someone will ever import it into a Windows version of MyPaint as an addon or something (even if it’s limited/no support)?
I’m guessing this is very unlikely as coding is hard but I was just curious about animation capabilities in MyPaint. :slight_smile:
Krita is also excellent but Mypaint is more responsive on my not so powerful PC.

Dopey doesn’t seem to provide any executable files, so you would have to compile it yourself. Last update was eight years ago. You might find that you have to use versions of GTK and other libraries that are as old.

If you don’t have any experience compiling software on your own, I’d recommend trying it with more up-to-date programs until you get the hang of it.

One option could be to draw each cell as a layer in mypaint, then assemble them to an animation in Krita.

Indeed, bleke is correct. Both the dependencies and the build tools in Dopeyanimation are very different from what is currently used in MyPaint. For animation I would either do as bleke suggested, or consider making the animation directly in Krita, which has pretty good animation tools.

Although not ideal, I guess I’ll have to try out this MyPaint to Krita animation workflow. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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