How to edit file assosiation for Open in External App on Windows?


I’m new to MyPaint

[popup menu: Layer > Edit Layer in an External App…]

where can I edit the path to an Image editor like gimp, inkscape or krita in external app
I’m running everything portable, build a portable PAF version from MyPaint 1.2.0

Mypaint can find XnView and Nexus Image
but I want Krita or Gimp and Inkscape in the list of programs

Edit: I’m using MyPaint on windows 7 :wink:

MyPaint is supposed to offer a list of available apps on all platforms, based on file associations on Windows, or MimeType fields on FreeDesktop environments, or whatever it is that OSX does :slight_smile:

There needs to be a file association in place for this to work, in other words.

There’s an issue with more recent GLibs that causes a hard crash when trying to open the dialog. Luckily, @tumagonx’s 1.2.0 build uses the older GLib and also shows the dialog.

There’s a workaround for the crash on newer GLib now. Unfortunately it just removes the dialog on Windows. Time to switch to GtkAppChooserDialog, maybe? Or executable paths as an alternative.

But to actually answer your question: navigate to the file in Windows Explorer or to a file with the same extension, press the right mouse button over it, choose Properties, click on the General tab, and next to “Opens with:”, click on the “Change…” button.

"There needs to be a file association in place for this to work"

big thx

I presumed that
but its a bit strange
the list shows

  • “Inkscape portable” got no association to *. png,
    will not start [no path found]
  • “NexusImage portable” got no association to *. png,
    find the portable and start
  • “XnView portable” got no association to *. png,
    find the portable and start

I got “Krita portable”, or “Gimp portable” associate to *. png
the top of the pop-up shows it
but not one will show up in the list

I need to walk through the reg to see if wpp/cafe got some leftovers in the file associations

in creating a vector layer and start an ass. program
it finds and start “inkscape portable”

creating a vector layer works without any problems
No problems with Wacom Intuos, no lag at all in the brushes.
even for my 7 year old intel and old Nvidia 405
and I got no problem in making @tumagonx build portable
a very big thx to @tumagonx

I know a bit more now to ask the right question, I hope
Can someone tell me in which file the information get stored
shown in the list of the pop-up [Layer > Edit Layer in an External App]
win version

MyPaint retrieves the information not only from the reg
but it also remembers the old entries made
I would really like to know where it stores that data

never mind, got a nice clean list now with links that work