How to create a Speech Bubble and Similar Shapes?

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Hi, are there any shapes in my paint such as a speech bubble, flash star or similar like in Can they be imported in some way?
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Operating System + Version: WIndows 8

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Wacom intuos draw

No there isn’t any direct tool to create speech bubbles in MyPaint. That is really out of MyPaint intended use. However there is way to make them in MyPaint.

Use the eclipse tool in mypaint to create the desired oval shape you want. Then add in the speech bubble tip with the line tool. Then lastly, erase the excess with the eraser.

If you want the lines to be solid lines, make sure the pressure variation is flat.

Since I want to use it for UI and UX sketching it would be great to be able to save some shapes that I frequently use.
Do you have an idea how I can quickly draw a thinking cloud/bubble? (don’t know the correct english word)

Mypaint really isn’t made for gui mockups.

The best thing you can do if you really want to use Mypaint for this purpose is probably to create the shapes you need, either in Mypaint or another program, and save them individually in a folder. Then open them up in an image viewer so that you easily can browse through the shapes. When you find one you need, copy it, create a new layer in Mypaint and paste your shape. Then you can use the “reposition layer” tool to move your shape to where you want it.

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