How to change set a separate eraser size and quickly change the size of it

Hello , bassically i want to be able to quickly change the size of my eraser (using some kind of a shortcut), and the other thing , i want the separate size for my eraser , when i draw with a small brush i want to quickly switch to eraser with a bigger size. Is this possible to achive? Thanks.

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Hi, you can use Ctrl+numbers 0 to 9 to save your current brush. Hitting the same number later restores brush, size, and (if you have the option set in preferences) color.
Take a look here:

Also, if your stylus has an eraser on the back, it should restore whatever brush you were using when you flip your pen (has some issues on windows, though)

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The problem I have with this method is that you can’t make a preset switch back to the one before it with a single button.
Before you could press E, erase, and press E again to quickly switch back. Making use of only one button.
This is important because there’s only a limited number of buttons on a tablet, and that can get in the way when you need 2 exclusive buttons only for that.


It’s better to ask where is the relevant source code located and just change it :sweat_smile:

Sadly that’s not the way Painter Mode: Eraser works. It only takes the current brush you are using and puts it in eraser mode which keeps the same properties as you would as a brush. Now MyPaint is suppose to treat pens that have an eraser tip as an independent input so it will actually remember which side is the brush and which side is the eraser. Beyond that, MyPaint is built in a shortcut centric way so it expects you to have a keyboard to use really take full advantage of what MyPaint offers.

One thing I could suggest is maybe setting up a feature request thread of maybe either have a lock brush setting, or expose the custom brush panel as a widget that can be used. I think the lock brush might be the better way to go in my opinion.

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