How I draw Cyclops (Marvel) in MyPaint

First of all, sorry for my english :wink:

As you can see I made the original sketch by hand. In the attached file you can see all the steps in the creating process. Most of the time I sketch conventional on paper. The reason is, I’m much more quicker in this way. For this cyclops sketch I only needed 15 - 20 minutes (by ballpoint pen). Finally, I scan the sketch and upload the jpeg or png file to MyPaint.

Normally I work with 4 or 5 layers in MyPaint. I use one layer for the…

  • background
  • sketch (This layer I only need for the primary color and the outlines. After its I delete it!)
  • coloring
  • shading
  • lighting
  • outlining

(in the following order)

Very simple :wink: Isn’t it?

Most of the time I draw the background in MyPaint but I also use another open source application ( for creating backgrounds when I use logos or fonts.

Hope this short turtorial was helpful.