How do you set up your eraser to not affect your current brush that you are using?

if i want to delete something i drew, i have to set the "opaque " option to 100 but when i switch back to brush the opaque option is 100 as well even tho i only inteded to set that up for the eraser and not brush it self .
is there a way to work around this bsc its really hard to fix your mistakes like this

Hi, when you press E it toggles whether or not the current brush will act as an eraser. It does not switch to a separate brush.

Each device has a separate brush, so if your stylus has an eraser end, you can use that.

There are also 10 brush slots where you can bind your current brush (including adjustments, at the time of binding) by pressing Ctrl+(0-9) and later restore it by just pressing the number you bound the brush to. These are also accessible under Brush -> Shortcut Keys.