Hi , i wonder whats the default dpi and file size setting ( if not choosing frame size etc' prioir i mean)

I love working with my paint , since i do print my works, and dont know the size of my paintings prior
of painting them, i wish to know if i can set file size or dpi without determine the frame size in cm?
whats the default dpi ( 72/240/300) or file size ( or the file size depends on how big is the paintings and colors used?)?

There is no default canvas size - the canvas is always infinite (well, infinite for all practical purposes). You can however use the frame tool to indicate the bounds you want to stay within.

  1. Activate the frame by clicking the frame icon on the toolbar.
  2. In the tool options panel (press T if it is not already visible), click the first button (the text of the button is the current frame dimensions).
  3. Press the dropdown that lies beside the width field and change the unit from px to cm.
  4. Adjust the DPI to your preferences in the field at the bottom.