Help! why is my brushes pack can't import to mypaint?

mypaint 2.0.1 standalone

i just make a brushes pack, but there is nothing happen when i try to import it to mypaint.
what’s wrong with my brushes pack?

here is the pack - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily.

hi! can you be more specific? how exactley did you create the pack and how did you try to import it?

Did you follow the manual?


Looking at your zip it seems your order.conf is wrong (no line breaks?) so it probably contains no brushes when importing them

the 1-4 brushes is make in win7
the 5-6 brushes is make in win10
my purpose is put them into one pack

so i copy the 1-4 brushes (myb&png) file from appdata-local-mypaint-brushes in win7
and copy the 5-6 brushes (myb&png) file from appdata-local-mypaint-brushes in win10

then, i put 1-6 brushes (myb&png) file into one folder
and create a txt file, chang txt to conf, also use note book to edit it

that is how i make this pack
(i know how to create a pack in mypaint, but these brushes are make in two different computers and in two different geographic location, that is why i come up with this way)

is the problem is comes from the conf file?
ps: i check for conf file from the other brushes pack from github, and already edit it like the way in the other pack does,
am i miss something?

if this conf file is wrong, then how to edit it in a right way?
and how to put 1-6 brushes into one pack?

There are no line breaks in your order.conf file. This is your file:

This is what it should look like:

Maybe your editor does something strange while editing? Use another editor in that case.
Also, the brush “05-smear-charcoal” does not exists as your png and myb files have a space character in their names.

thank you so much! it works now after i re-edit it with the way you said

another some questiones
in brush setting editor, which one is the"smooth"option( the one in freehand drawing)?

i just saw you post a dropbox link in the topic of "smudge tweaks testers needed
but the link seems broken? can you fix it?
and this one also look nice, i would like to try it, is it also in your dropbox link?
i would like to seeing you post an new formal toniw-brushes pack, that would be good and grateful!

np. Not sure what exactly you mean with “smooth” option. Smoothness of a brush in mypaint is always a mix of multiple settings like “Hardness”, “Pixel Feather”, “Radius”, etc. I guess.

I’ve uploaded my latest brushes here if you want to look at them. They are a bit experimental and outdated as i don’t do any digital painting these days but they should still work. - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily. (The blue ones are for smudging only, while the red and black ones apply color normally)

thanks for uploading your pack!
the flat color and bristle color is pretty nice and useful for basic paintting!