Greetings from The Philippines! (MyPaint compiler here...)

Hello World! Nice to see that MyPaint now has a community blogging site!

I’m a retired computer professional with now 18+ years of GNU/Linux experiences. Recently, over the past couple of years, arthritis + pain has entered my hands, forcing me to slowly terminate my extremely technical geek life, including coding (C developer since 1989…). My new, non-technical hobby is drawing by hand, and I am still in the process of learning to draw by hand.

Though I use GIMP on a regular basis, mostly for image editing and enhancements, I have opted MyPaint as my open-source hand-drawing software, and ArtRage as my commercial, closed-source professional painting software.

My Final Blogging Site:

Thanks for allowing me here in MyPaint Community. My hands hurt from typing, so I may not post much here, or not at all. My Final Blog is up and has many posts of my compiling work I call it my “final” blog because, sooner or later, I will stop blogging altogether due to pain in my hands. So, in the meantime, thank you!

Have a nice day, everybody!

welcome @KuyaMarc !
what an impressive career! it’s good that you’re keeping a blog, it could help a lot of people who will find it via google search long in the future!
i have wrist pain when i type or draw a lot, too, so i know the feel
just make sure you rest a lot and stretch a lot!