Glitching and scribbling strokes

hi, so basically when i try to use mypaint it scribbles and minimizes the program several times. sometimes i can get one stroke but most of the time its glitches, scribbles and more importantly minimizes the program. i looked in the faq, the closest thing i found was about devices but my tablet doesnt have an issue working in photoshop or paint tool sai so i dont know what the problem is. i can use my trackpad and it works fine but id like to use my tablet and have pen pressure. i also cant click on any of the drop menus or toolbars at all either.
mypaint 1.2.1

windows 10 home, 64 bit

monoprice 10 x 6.5 latest uc logic drivers

when i open up the program and begin to try to draw these strokes happen

there are no errors popping up