Fullscreen mode as fullscreen canvas (no hover menu in fullscreen)

Now in fullscreen mode hovering top, side, bottom of the screen shows part of the interface. For me it’s hard to draw in fullscreen mode with such hovering interface. I have created issue in github, but unfortunatelly for me it was closed. The reason is:

Users need to be able to access the interface when they don’t have a keyboard, and there is no effective way of doing this right now other than the current “hover” solution.

But i think that solution is - uncheck autohide in menu. And if user need interface it can open it with tab (or button on stylus and pad). There are no need in hover.

For me fullscreen mode is fullscreen canvas without interface. I think this is MyPaint style.

  • I use fullscreen mode, i need hover menu (don’t have keyboard, don’t know how to show interface without hovering)
  • I use fullscreen mode, i use hover menu and i can use keyboard for showing interface (TAB)
  • I use fullscreen mode, i don’t use hover menu, but it not bother me
  • I use fullscreen mode, hover menu annoying me
  • I don’t use fullscreen mode, but i like hover menu
  • I don’t use fullscreen mode, but i like fullscreen canvas feature

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Your thoughts?

There’s also the fact that by default, right-clicking in MyPaint will give you access to a popup menu with the same options…

There’s a good reason for the current behavior and a preference won’t really help: you don’t want to setup a situation that you can’t get out of. Once you go full-screen the only thing you “for sure” have on all devices is the cursor, right? So the cursor has to be able to get you out of full-screen mode without any clicks of any buttons (not everything has side buttons either).

I’m looking at workspace.py and maybe we can just start another timer when an edge or hidden window is “bumped”. Say, the timer runs for 500ms and at the end of the timer, if the edge is still “bumped” it will continue normally and unhide. I think that alone would alleviate 99% of the accidental bumps. Of course the law of unintended consequences means this will annoy someone that is expecting absolutely instant unhides :smiley:

Here are my new proposal. But it have one minus (for user with only pen).

  1. If autohide doesn’t work, then there are no reason to leave it. #874
  2. If autohide/autoshow removed, then if interface hided, there are problem with accessing to interface in fullscreen with only pen without buttons.
  3. So the solution is to open fullscreen mode always with interface.
  4. If user have keyboard or assigned button on the pen, he can hide interface and open it. If user don’t have keyboard or assigned button on the pen, then user can’t hide interface.
  5. (optional) New problem, how to hide inteface with only one click, tap by pen.
  6. (optional) Add one special button on interface that hide mostly all interface, but leaves this button to reopen interface. So user can watch his work without interface and draw without interface. This solution have one small minus - button that doesn’t hide.

@zb13y I have a patch that addresses this: https://github.com/mypaint/mypaint/pull/897

Please test it out! Basically, it adds 500ms delay before the side/top/bottom panels unhide when you bump into an edge (fullscreen). This was the simplest way, I think.

This definitely makes fullscreen more enjoyable for me. I can airbrush the entire canvas up to the edges, or make strokes all the way to edge and pick up the pen to make a new stroke, work more freely without that dread of triggering the panels :slight_smile: