From traditional artist to digital

OC Mari Cat in my usual “style” (ignore the ruffles)
Random practice figure drawing

Both made using MyPaint!
Hours spent: unknown

CC BY-NC (Mari Cat)
CC BY (figure drawing)
(Specifically, I consider derivatives as “draw-this-in-your-style” works which may have minor tweaks but otherwise keep details such as composition and character design the same. No one holds rights over cat ears.)

Commissions: Message me on Instagram?
As of this writing, I’m accepting payments in the form of your art (art trade) if you’re short on cash, but otherwise gifts via Steam, and gifts via; for major projects, sponsorships to paid online courses with certificates. Remember to let me know what you want me to draw, what you’re using it for, and if you have any other specifications. Thanks!


Cat ears are cool! Wanna see more!

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Thanks! I might post here again when I make something new. I drew Mari a bunch of times traditionally in color pencil before, but I haven’t gotten around to making a lot of digital art yet.

Your painting was nice, btw! My art vocabulary is limited so I didn’t comment haha.

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Please do post again! Im glad you liked the paint! No worries about not commenting :smiley:

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