Fresh reinstall

Fresh reinstall of my computer, updated the driver of my XP-pen Artist, and got tired of Photoshop after all these years… And felt like drawing again after a loooong time.
I decided to have a look at Mypaint, and after a difficult start, I’m begining to feel good with it. Lots of Photoshop reflexes are still flowing from my left hand on the keyboard, but this will come to pass I hope.
Here’s my first test :

This software looks very promising, I like the “pigment” feeling, so fun and serendipituous - and as I suck at colors, this will be like therapy for me :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks to the Mypaint team for designing and publishing this neat piece of software !

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Hi Yap, Nice to see you here and looking forward to new posts from you.



That’s pretty damn nice for a test! Hopefully we’ll see lots of interesting stuff come out when people start figuring out the possibilities of the new brush settings (I sure haven’t yet).

And another one :slight_smile:

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