Flatpak package for GNU/Linux

Hi, I would like to contribute a flatpak package for MyPaint if nobody has done it yet.

Flatpak is growing as the best way to distribute applications in modern GNU/Linux distributions. In my opinion is better than the AppImage packaging that has been added recently.

I see there is a flatpak-builder manifest here https://github.com/alexlarsson/nightly-build-apps but is outdated. it uses scons while latest MyPaint master uses setup.py .

Even better, there could be two separate packages: MyPaint stable and a MyPaint Nightly. Then users can safely test the new releases.

UPDATE: I’m proposing the MyPaint v1.2.1 stable flatpak for Flathub , the pull request is here. They do automatic builds. And I’m working in a pull request for MyPaint itself to build the nightly / master MyPaint .I will do as @odysseywestra said and update the site as well so it can be merged.


Okay, now MyPaint is now available as a Flatpak. Information to install the stable branch of the flatpak are available on our Downloads page.

You can also build and install a nightly version flatpak which follows our Master Branch of MyPaint. You will need to clone our Github Repository with git or gitkraken if you favor a gui. Instructions are located in the Readme file under the flolder flatpak.

Once again thank you @manuq for getting this done.


Thanks a lot guys! It works great on openSUSE. Now I don’t have to worry about not having the latest version of MyPaint in the openSUSE repos. :smiley:

Thanks @odysseywestra for your help and the insightful review.
@Hari_Krishnan great to know this is already helpful for someone!