Flat brush

I’ve been looking through the brush sets for a flat brush. There is the marker pen brush in Ramon Miranda’s brush set, but it turns when you change the direction of the stroke so that you always use the broad side.

Since no brush seems to have this behaviour I assume that it currently can’t be done.

Would it be possible to have a brush like this?

Well, another point to add would the brush reacting to stylus tilting as well and having the shortcut for people who are on the cheaper end of tablets and don’t have that feature.

I find the tilt function difficult to control, so I’d probably turn it off anyway,

I spent quite a lot of time with the brush editor today and found out that it is indeed possible to make a brush like this with the brush engine. But I would still like a quick and easy way to control the brush rotation.

It’s actually very easy to make a brush like this. You just need to adjust both the “elliptic” settings in the basic category.
But, yes, changing the angle on the fly with keyboard is not possible for now, it seems.

In the “classic” brush set is a brush named Calligraphy (not sure if this is a brush pack that comes with myPaint by default though…). I got one in my “Dirty” brush pack, too.

I wouldn’t say it’s easy. I did manage to make a brush like that eventually. Getting the shape was no problem, but getting it to make a solid line without gaps and without spinning, thinning, fading or blurring took many hours of trial and error. :slight_smile:

Increasing all the “Dabs” settings should do the trick. Of course it depends on the brush you are starting with. I have made me a “basic” brush with all settings at default or neutral as a clean start for brush building.

I believe the AOA feature I proposed here would make this kind of brush much simpler to make-- go vote for it! :slight_smile:


So, we now have some new options thanks to @AnTi’s offset patches and some tweaking by me. Angular Offset Side Asc will offset the dabs to either side of your ascension angle, so it doesn’t follow the direction but rather the angle of your stylus.

Offset Angle lets you adjust this from the default 90 degrees to whatever you want. Once we have barrel rotation input, you could have a flat brush that you can twist to change from thick to thin, like a real flatbrush.

Finally, I have a PR for a Base Brush Radius input setting. This is a hack to let us feedback the base brush size into the brush. With this we can make “high def” brushes that don’t “get fuzzy” when you make them bigger. Instead of increasing the dab size, for instance, you can just expand the dab offsets more and draw more dabs.

You can rotate your brushes in mypaint? That’s very cool to know.