Fixes are in the pipeline for GDK Wintab

I’ve been submitting a lot of patches to GDK recently, trying to get some of our Windows tablet bugs fixed up. The good news is that I think we’re turning the corner on reliability over there. Tilt should be working soon for fancy devices like the Intuos 5, and I’ve fixed a pair of really nasty crashers for non-Wacom devices. There was also a silly regression that caused pressure to be ignored depending on whether your tablet had an odd ID or an even one (don’t ask, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to close a ton of our own bug reports before long).

I’m really happy about this. It’s my first proper foray into dealing with the incompatible nonsense values that real hardware sends, and it’s nice to be actually be pushing back the tide for once.

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Several “whoohoo!” moments in dealing with this, and I think my gdb knowledge has improved tenfold. Happy developer here, sitting atop a pile of defeated hardware :smiley:

In case the plugin didn’t pick it up, these are upstream bugs 774265, 774379, and 774699.

I hope these last, unlike the last fix for Wintab startup crashers. I’m doing what I can to make sure that no more regressions appear in future: @maxy-senpai speaks the truth when he recommends leaving assertions everywhere :smiling_imp:

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