First Painting Study with MyPaint

Just wanted to give a big thank you for the devs. MyPaint is amazing! By far it is the best program I’ve found for painting / drawing in Ubuntu. :smiley: I’m new to the world of landscape painting but I thought I would share my first speedpaint study. I really pushed the program hard (lots of layers, large canvas, big brushes) and it performed better than a lot of other programs I’ve tried. :smile:

  • You may showcase my work.
    (However, it was heavily referenced from a photo without permission.)
  • Several hour speed paint study
  • Currently, I am not available for commissions.
  • Contact:

Nice! I really like it. :slight_smile:

However, there are two things that I think would take it to another level:

Quick fix
Make sure that the horizon is straight and horizontal. I don’t think it’s cheating to use the line tool for this.

A bit more work
I think you could make the details on the cave wall brighter. I had to look really hard to see that they were even there.
Something like this

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I’m new to Twitch. I get that it’s meant for live shows, but aren’t the old streams available somehow?

That’s a pretty cool sea and sky depiction. Very tropical :sunny:

@bleke I think old Twitch streams should be available, yes. Maybe the author has an option to enable/disable them somehow. (are you sure you wrote this message on the right topic, BTW? :slight_smile: )

Yes. If you check out on Karma12gamings profile, you’ll see her description where she says that she has a Twitch stream.

I though I might just as well ask here.

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Yes. Twitch does have a feature where you can save your older streams, but I want to improve my live drawing before I enable the feature. Sorry if I confused you. In the future, I will be posting edited videos to Youtube and also getting my portfolio ready. I’d be happy to link you when it’s ready.

Thank you for the feedback! I still need a lot of work but i’ll try to work on my lighting and details. :smiley:

Great, be sure to let us know if you post some Twitch screencasts – I love learning about people’s drawing workflows this way (and it’s sometimes difficult to catch someone live as they’re doing it).

Be sure to post your next image so that I can find faults on that one too. :wink:

I don’t want to spam the community here so I’ve decided to post my work on a new personal website. (Warning: Nude studies) Note: I will be testing out a variety of art programs here not just MyPaint. Hopefully, my studies and experience will be able to help everyone out in the future. :smile:

You seem to be on the right track to becoming a skilled artist. :wink:

Really like the dolphins, but the other stuff is good too!

And don’t worry about spamming here, this community needs more activity anyway.