Feature request: manually enter values for brush, layer, shortcut increments, and other numerically based settings

(Ported from my GitHub entry because I messed up on the updated submission guidelines on there, sorry)

1.) Most/all of the settings for brushes are sliders, but don’t have the option of for manually inputting values. This can be inconvenient for setting more “absolute” numbers, like “1.00” for a setting instead of having the setting at “0.87” or “1.33” And while having the slider is useful for “tweaking” as you’re editing a brush, having the option to enter a number is useful too. It’d also be nice for being able to enter a value that’s just right, instead of having to “find” it again by messing with the slider.
A workaround for this is increasing the brush editor window so that the slider also gets bigger, and you have more increments. But that’s a lot of extra steps for fine-tuning some brush settings.

2.) In the system preferences, we could specify the amount that using the increase/decrease shortcuts for layer or brush opacity affects the brushes. Or even have it as an option for a per brush basis. To customize it for each brush, maybe add it as an optional setting. Otherwise, have it as a default value in the preferences.
(Also worth noting, but in the latest versions, unless you have the brush editor open, you can’t see the actual values of the brush settings, unlike the old versions of MyPaint, which I find a bit disappointing, but that’s another issue.)

I hope I haven’t crammed too much info into one issue, but I checked the tracker and didn’t see a report for this. (If I did miss it, sorry)

Attached are some of my ideas for how it could look in the software. Sorry for the clunky photoshops, but I hope it gets the point across.
(Not sure if clipboard pasting is the same here as it is on GitHub, but if not, I’ll edit this post with the proper images)