Exporting several A4-like pages at once?

Dear Mypaint community,

First all, congratulations, I have been using Mypaint for years now, and it has really boosted my work.

I’m a math teacher at the University, and I use Mypaint mainly for my lectures: it allows me to write on a tablet as if I were writing on a piece of paper. Projected on a huge screen, very readable from seats in the back, easy to erase, etc.

What I do after every lecture is to clean my .ora file, and prepare some pdf that I send to my students so they have access to the whole lecture in case they missed something. They really appreciate it.

The problem is that the pdf I create needs to be A4. Since the drawing region in Mypaint is infinite, what I did was to create a layer that I lock, on which I drew by hand the borders of rectangles of size A4. During the lecture I write inside these rectangles, and after the lecture I use the “Edit frame” tool, and export one rectangle after the other, which gives me an A4-sized jpeg file for each rectangle. (I then import them into a large tex file with headers, numbering, etc.)

I teach several times a week, each lecture gives between 7 and 8 pages, so exporting one page at a time can be pretty tiring, and I haven’t found a better way of doing it.
(In xournal, this exporting feature is easier, because the pages are already of a fixed size. But I don’t use xournal since its feel quality is far below the one of Mypaint).

If I knew more about the program, I could maybe write a script of some sort to automate the exporting procedure…

Any suggestions or ideas of how I should do this better?

Many thanks in advance, and again congratulation for the creation of this wonderful tool.


One approach here would be to duplicate your A4-sized frame layer every time you need a new rectangle, and move it to its own space with the layer moving tool before starting to draw/write in it. Then you could use the “Multiple PNG’s, by layer” option in the “Format to save as:” menu in the export window.

Hope this helps, but if it doesn’t, writing a small extension that does what you want wouldn’t be too difficult.

Thank you jpll, hadn’t even thought about that.
For now, I only see how to export layers with transparent background,
but I’ll take a closer look later.