Export/import .pdf

This request is similar to this one, but I decided not to revive 3-years old topic. As the author of the linked topic, I use MyPaint with a tablet for teaching and also often need to work with pdf.

  1. Just an option to save pdf from MyPaint would be very helpful. Am I right that currently it is not possible? Now I save .png and then convert using imagemagick like convert file.png file.pdf. Usually such long-shaped pdfs are good enough for my purposes. But the option (2) looks much better to me.

  2. Save pdf with A4-sized sheets as a lecture manuscript directly from MyPaint would be great.

  3. I also sometimes need to annotate .pdf with students’ work. For the moment, I convert pdf to png and then open in MyPaint, annotate, save to png and then convert back to pdf to return the work. It is a very inconvenient workflow, of course.

oh i agree theres alot of features we need this is one of those features we need
as a person who loves open source software i have to say we need this.