Hello I just wanted to see if anyone had an answer to my problem. My MyPaint app was working fine a while ago and now its not working at all. It will not draw lines or anything. It will not let me open an image or exit out of any of the panels. It gave me an error but I cannot remember what it was about and it hasn’t popped up since. How can I reinstall and start over from scratch with this app? It opens but doesn’t let me do a thing :frowning:

Edit: it will not open an image and tells me “get selected rows” if that helps any.

Edit:2 I figured out what is causing the problem. Once I move a paint brush section it makes a smaller window which I cannot remove. Thus for, not allowing me to draw on my screen.

People may be able to help here, but you’re not telling us the basics. What operating system? What version of MyPaint?

The full texts of any error message would be very useful, as would screenshots.

What do you mean by “a paint brush section”?

Its basically a category of paint brushes. If I try to drag a paint brush into another set of brushes it just creates a popup window which I cannot get rid of. I will see if I can screen shot the errors though.