Error saving Windows 8.1

Hi hi, Im new on this community and a few years use of MyPaint ^^/… well, the error is as described (It happen sometimes, no every times I attempt to save):

Snapshot >

Text error:

Mypaint version: 1.2.1+gitexport.bcf5a28d
System information: Windows-8.1-6.3.9600-SP0
Using: Python 2.7.13, GTK 3.22.7, GdkPixbuf 2.36.4, Cairo 1.15.4, GLib 2.50.1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/Program Files/mypaint-w64/mingw64/share/mypaint/gui/", line 665, save_cb(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, action=<Gtk.Action object at 0x000000000dcbcc80 (GtkAction at 0x000000000df3d100)>)
  variables: {'self.save_file': ('local', <bound method FileHandler.save_file of <gui.filehandling.FileHandler object at 0x000000000dcbdfd0>>), 'self.filename': ('local', u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora')}
  File "C:/Program Files/mypaint-w64/mingw64/share/mypaint/gui/", line 84, wrapper(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, *args=(u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora',), **kwargs={})
                func(self, *args, **kwargs)
                # gtk main loop may be called in here...
  variables: {'self': ('local', <gui.filehandling.FileHandler object at 0x000000000dcbdfd0>), 'args': ('local', (u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora',)), 'func': ('local', <function save_file at 0x000000000db7c500>), 'kwargs': ('local', {})}
  File "C:/Program Files/mypaint-w64/mingw64/share/mypaint/gui/", line 436, save_file(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, filename=u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora', export=False, **options={})
  variables: {'options': ('local', {})}
  File "C:/Program Files/mypaint-w64/mingw64/share/mypaint/gui/", line 517, _save_doc_to_file(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, filename=u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora', doc=<gui.document.Document object>, export=False, statusmsg=True, **options={'save_srgb_chunks': True})
  variables: {'options': ('local', {'save_srgb_chunks': True})}
  File "C:/Program Files/mypaint-w64/mingw64/share/mypaint/lib/", line 1212, save(self=<Document nlayers=2 bbox=Rect(192, 256, 1536, 1088) paintonly=False>, filename=u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora', **kwargs={'feedback_cb': <function gtk_main_tick>, 'save_srgb_chunks': True})
                result = save(filename, **kwargs)
            except GObject.GError as e:
  variables: {'kwargs': ('local', {'feedback_cb': <function gtk_main_tick at 0x000000000db7c320>, 'save_srgb_chunks': True}), 'save': ('local', <bound method Document.save_ora of <Document nlayers=2 bbox=Rect(192, 256, 1536, 1088) paintonly=False>>), 'result': ('local', None), 'filename': ('local', u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora')}
  File "C:/Program Files/mypaint-w64/mingw64/share/mypaint/lib/", line 118, _wrapped_save_method(self=<Document nlayers=2 bbox=Rect(192, 256, 1536, 1088) paintonly=False>, filename=u'D:/Galleries/) Xiwi/Sleepin/Sleeping color.ora', *args=(), **kwds={'feedback_cb': <function gtk_main_tick>, 'save_srgb_chunks': True})
                    logger.error("cleanup: failed to remove temp path too")
                raise ex
            if not os.path.exists(temp_path):
  variables: {'ex': ('local', OSError("_MoveFileEx(u'c:/users/xiwang~1/appdata/local/temp/saveercsqhmypaint/.tmpsave.mergedimage.png', u'c:/users/xiwang~1/appdata/local/temp/saveercsqhmypaint/mergedimage.png')",))}
OSError: _MoveFileEx(u'c:/users/xiwang~1/appdata/local/temp/saveercsqhmypaint/.tmpsave.mergedimage.png', u'c:/users/xiwang~1/appdata/local/temp/saveercsqhmypaint/mergedimage.png')

Thanks in advance ><…

As additional info: I had similar error sometimes while I was using Windows XP…

@achadwick Looks like a bug to me. What other information dose @xiwangchan need to provide before we submit it to MyPaint’s Issue Tracker? Unless there is another issue related to this one.

Sorry, my fault ><¿…

Well, Im using latest version (MyPaint w64, 1.2.1+gitexport.bcf5a28d)… mmm, updated drivers, no Python installed, I think…

Another one important fact that Im missing ><?..

Don’t worry you’re not doing anything wrong. Actually If this is your fist time reporting a bug on mypaint, then this is the perfect place to start. That way we can get the information we need to build a solid issue ticket. Which in turn will make the bug easier to for @achadwick or any of our other contributors to tackle.

Could you provide some steps to help our contributors reproduce the problem? I do have the issue reported on github so you can let us know there, or just let us know here and I’ll relay it on our Github Issue Tracker.

Steps as the ones when problem happens, I think =3…

Well…simply Im working over my image…

Then I press Ctrl+S…

The error appears at random times each attempt to save my file ><¿ (Sometimes MyPaint save my file, sometimes happens error)…

I think I can see that error appear more times if my file is bigger (Canvas size) or have more layers (Im guessing, of course ><)…

I m using AMD Athlon 5350 APU with Radeon R3 (2.05GHz) (Quadcore, copy/pasting info ><’); in addition, I have 2GB RAM, currently…

Could you provide a file that has the problem so other contributors can test it out? You will have to use and external file sharer(Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) since our site doesn’t allow files bigger than 2mbs due to storage constraints.

OK, let me upload, then I post link ^^…

Image posted n_n…