Editing on the same file but different windows and different artworks, saved one but lost other one. Way to recover the lost one?

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This isn’t about me, this is mainly about my sister. She uses myPaint almost everyday, but yesterday she saved two seperate filles with the same name. I checked it before it disappeared, and the second file with the same name had a one after it. My sister worked so hard on it, and now she’s crying because she doesn’t know what to do. I think she might have opened two windows with the same file, but edited them separately in the respective windows. When she saved one of them, the other one got deleted. Is there a way to recover this?

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Wacom Model CTL-472

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Hi, sorry to hear that.
If your sister didn’t save the “wrong” file multiple times, there might still be a backup file of the previous one. Look for a file with “~” at the end of the name in the same directory as the ora-file. (it might be hidden in the file manager by default). E.g. for “myfile.ora” its “myfile.ora~” next to it. Rename it to something without “~” and see if it still is the right file.

Other than that, I dont think there is a way to recover once it is overwritten.
Or maybe someone else has an idea…