Does anybody know HOW TO DRAW ON THIS THING? Or is this a website you don’t draw on-

It’s a forum and website for a downloadable program for several operating systems, not a web app, no.

Indeed, I never really reflected on it, but now I understand what all of those seemingly cryptic “How do I draw” posts are about.

I think the OP has mistaken this for the DeviantMuro or something :unamused:

so you cant really draw on it. it is just to share your artwork? Does this mean I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out how to draw on this thing when all you do is share stuff?

This might be a novel concept in this day and age… :slight_smile: but MyPaint is an application that you download and install on your computer. https://mypaint.org/downloads/

If you’re on a Mac I wouldn’t really recommend it if you aren’t an advanced user with background in some sort of Unix environment.

Once you have it installed, just press your mouse button on the canvas and draw. (or draw with your stylus if you have a tablet)

As this seems to be an increasingly common misunderstanding (which is understandable, given what younger people have grown up with) I have updated the introductory post to clearly state that MyPaint is not a web application. Hopefully that reduces the number of semi-spammy questions about this.


lol true, youngsters think the web is their PC

tell “offline” to them, they’ll scream in pain lol