Downloaded version 1.2 on windows yet not opening when download was finished

I wanted to try to the new release because I loved the new format, but it will never open when I click the icon. Is there any way to actually fix this issue? I even tried to use the older version again but it didn’t open anymore.

Just a few questions before we can help you. What is your operating system? And what version of MyPaint did you grab in our Release Page for 1.2? Also is the old version completely uninstalled?

I’m using Windows 10, installing for 64 bit, and I tried to reinstall the version 1.0 of Mypaint As I checked for the oldest installment of 1.0, I did a reinstall it back and it worked again. Seems to be when I download the newest version, there seems to be a bug that it won’t open. If this keeps occurring, I’ll stick back to the older version.

Same problem happend to me but WinXP SP3 of 32bit.The different is,I finished the install but nothing happened when I click the icon of app.& yes,grabbed from official homepage & the old version was completely uninstalled already.Hope it’ can be fixed at next update if winXP still in list of supported.Thx but sorry for my poor English. Greetings :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one with the same issue, and yes hopefully with the next updates the bug could be fixed and allowing older versions of windows along as well :smiley_cat: :sparkles:

So I’m just getting this straight, are you saying the mypaint installer will not launch? Or are you able to install it but the mypaint program will not launch?