Dopey 2D (need help)

I tried searching here, on youtube, etc… how to compile Dopey, but i couldn’t find anything. When I went to github and looked at the wiki included in the git page. I tried following the “build wiki”, but it refused to work.
I was able to only clone the files from git, but when it came to the building part. The wiki says i need to use “scons -j2”. It didnt work no matter how many times I tried.

Could someone send my a better source to follow or a link for an already existing built?

I dont use Krita as i dont feel comfortable when it comes to the UI and how things are done.
(Also, I use windows. If that helps a bit)

This is the MyPaint community forum. You should probably look for the Dopey 2D community? I haven’t heard of this program until today.

EDIT: I just found out it’s a MyPaint fork, but it’s forked from a much older version. Unfortunately, it’s a different enough version from today’s MyPaint that it would be hard for people trying to work on it today to help, but I will try to keep it in mind as something to take a look at (please keep in mind that FOSS is like a community garden).

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