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Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything in a search, and I’m new here.
I’ve just started using MyPaint (installed it at the beginning of March, really started working with it in the last week), and I’m really enjoying it. However, I’m often using a hybrid laptop (keyboard flips back, screen is used like a tablet), and I’m usually working with a vertical screen.

The dockable tool windows seem to be only pinned to the left or right side. On a verticial screen, this takes up a lot of the available space, leaving very little for actual work.

Is is possible to pin dockable tool options to the bottom of the app window? If yes, I can’t figure out how it’s done, and help is appreciated.

See attached picture:

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Arch Linux - Rolling Release - Gnome desktop

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Set screen to vertical alignment

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Hi tbickmann, welcome to the forums

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to do this. It will likely be added as a feature when we refactor the GTK code.

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Unfortunate! Should I re-post this in the Feature Requests channel, or will the type-enhancement tag you(?) added be good enough?

Good catch, I’ve made the changes to this post