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Hi everyone,

I just discovered the world of MyPaint and was thrilled to learn about its ability to mix the colors traditionally thanks to spectral rendering. I being art-software hoarder and have worked with oil paints only know one other art software that can do it, imperfectly mind ya, so imagine my excitement when I learned of this one! :slight_smile: Anyway enough of my ramblings, here are my first 2 works I have done with MyPaint. I’m still learning how it works so don’t expect anything epic. Haha.



More studies and some creative drawings for my concept. :slight_smile: I really like the fact that MyPaint starts with infinite canvas. Perfect for a sketchbook like this one!


I really like those frogs. :slight_smile:

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Not a doodle today, but I have discovered something. RYB mixes just fine, but CYMK doesn’t mix as vibrant as it should be. I know when I paint with transparent pigments, oil or watercolor, CYMK would mix to vibrant colors. Did I do something wrong or is that the nature of MyPaint’s spectral rendering? What a curious discovery, indeed. :thinking:


I notice that you don’t get vivid cyan or magenta in the RYB circle. There was quite a bit of discussion about colourmixing a few years ago, which ended up in the mixing tools we have now. Most of it went above my head, so I can’t help you more than linking to the thread: "Real" color blending [WIP]


I think the program has some sort of problems in detecting greens.
I mean, I painted with a fill brush then smudged the colors and simply held Ctrl (color picker) in brush mode, and slided over the bar (which resembles Romania’s flag btw, lol) and the color triangle in the window spins normally but in the BLUE-YELLOW intersection the gap is faster (as B+Y becomes more like unnoticeable teal/gray).
So maybe greens must be picked individually in order to work ?
Or maybe it’s just a matter of brush settings.


Make sure you are using Mypaint 2.0.0 or later and have Pigment mode enabled. More Infos: MyPaint v2.0.0 Released


Thank you @bleke I actually am reading this discussion and appreciate how passionate everyone are with it. :+1:

This is actually expected with RYB, in real life when you blend it with a medium, oil or watercolor, it results in dull purple and cyan. That’s where CYMK shines, it should produce vibrant purple and have cyan as a primary color. It actually produces reasonable vibrant red hue too. I should post the color wheels I did with watercolor and gouache to compare, but I feel it deserves a new thread under a more proper category? I don’t know. I’m one of those who likes to experiment with such things.

@mulambo Which version are you using. I’m using the latest version and it could be mixed to green without picking anything. It’s actually the first software that actually does it well. I’m not counting artrage’s real color blending because it turns into a neon green color when I do that and that’s annoying because that’s not how real life color mixing works so hence it shouldn’t be called real color blending in the first place.

I’m fine with it, just wantd to experiment that Pigment option of newer versions but unfortunely, as a a Windows XP user, that can’t be achieved because (for a reason or the other) there’s no available version for that system anymore.
Also tried 1.2 but it crashes, well I guess I can stick to 1.0

Wow that’s impressive. I presume you’re still using it due to old hardware, if so… I’m surprised it’s still running. Respect. Haha. I can see why they did not continue the development with MyPaint in Windows XP, its own support has ended a long time ago, which is unfortunate. About the hardware/windows update, well, I hope you get to do so and try the latest version one day. :slight_smile:

to be honest, the problem is not the hardware. hardware surely brings another problem in (money), but I think that even if I had a better hardware and XP was still available and supported for that, I’d choose it once again (probably forever). I mean… there are so and I mean so many programs for this system… calling it “old” or “vintage” is kind of an insult, imho.
I don’t understand the up-to-date mania, sometimes it’s just excessive. Sometimes people feel the urge to update just because they’re bored (that’s why Apple sells so much, because they know this kind of sociological mechanism).
Who knows if the future will bring a better, a more evolved understanding of “update”… they always say “less is more” but then why do they make smartphones with 5 camera eyes and more pixels than the human eye can actually perceive. The Matrix! lol

Ok, nuff said, /offtopic