Disable checkboard during Layer Solo mode?

In version 1.2/1.3, toggling the Layer Solo mode would retain the background color/image that was set for the picture, but in 2.0 toggling this mode replaces the background with a checkerboard pattern. This makes it difficult to see what’s on a layer, especially when checking inking or line art layers and was wondering if there’s an option I’ve overlooked that would let you keep the chosen background when working in this mode?

Also, when using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom the view, old versions would snap to values of 50%, 100%, 150%, etc… while 2.0 zooms to random values of 64.2%, 105.2% and so on. Using the keyboard shortcuts to zoom doesn’t have this behavior but it’d be nice if there was consistency between zoom functions.

Thank you for your help.

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The Layer Solo thing seems like a straight regression (unless the change was intentional, in which case it should definitely be configurable). Hopefully not too difficult to track down (unfortunately I didn’t introduce the regression myself, or I might have known where to look first).

Edit: Found the commit. Funnily enough, if I had started the bisect 25 minutes later I would have found it, on the minute, exactly 2 years after it was made (not accounting for timezone differences).

Unfortunately the diff is 2k lines, but at least I’ll know where to look.

Edit2: Apparently the change was not done unintentionally.

As for the zoom issue, are you sure that this is correct? I have only tested this in an appimage build of 1.2.1, but there the mouse wheel zoom works the same for me as it does in 2.0.0. Maybe the behavior was different in versions prior to 1.2.0 (unless the change was introduced in 1.2.1), I can’t really remember.

Would there be any chance of adding an option to restore the old behavior? Being able to get a quick, clear view of a layer is rather useful and having to manually hide other layers/groups to get the same effect is cumbersome, especially when working with a lot of them.