Different exporting options for "Multiple .PNG"

I was told to migrate this post to this place via E-mail, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m copy-pasting my original replies from there.

Original: Export options for "Multiple .PNG" · Issue #99 · mypaint/mypaint · GitHub

Okay, so I use MyPaint for Animation and I was wondering if maybe there could be additional options for exporting to Multiple .PNG files?
Like, the only “Multiple .PNG” option right now is transparent, and all of the layer contents export as their FULL layers instead of being bound to the document frame. (Which I find a bit inconvenient as I usually wind up spending a lot of time fixing this in GIMP)
Could there be a “Multiple .PNG no alpha” option or something so that all of the layers render white? And maybe a checkbox that asks if you wish to render the “background” layer as the bottom-most layer or not? If you need me to post examples of what I mean, I’d be more than glad to.

“What background should we use? Serious question, the layers you’d be saving do not themselves have a background, and one is available in every OpenRaster file. From another point of view, it could appear strange to not use that background for this purpose.”

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by that first part (sorry)
The layers themselves in an OpenRaster file don’t have a background: yes, that is correct
One is available in every OpenRaster file: that is also correct.

What I’m meant to say is: If an artist wanted to save each “frame” without transparency (meaning the layer is rendered as with the chosen background in MyPaint), then here’s how the current process goes for saving individual files so that they do:
-File>Save As>Select Format: .png>Type “File Name 001”
-File>Save As>Type “File Name 002.png”
-et cetera until each frame is saved

File>Save As>Select Format: Multiple .Png>Type “File Name”>“Render Background for each layer” option or something similar
which would make the saving multiple .png process more versatile and more efficient.

Does that make any sense? (Sorry if I got too wordy or if I’m not listening)

I would update my wording of this request, but I haven’t been testing MyPaint recently, and I’m tired. If I remember to, I will try to get back to this request and clean it up.