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Hey @daiyi are you getting this?


I received an email notification

Ahh… okay I was just enabled this on our site and was testing it with a few people.

cool! is it a private thread?

Sadly no.

Would have to just use PM messages on the site instead.

Besides I think it would help anyways because other user could chime in as we work.

So what would you like me todo? I can help by cleaning up the template pages.

@daiyi just letting you know, I’m working on cleaning up your theme. I’ll have it pushed to the your repos as a separate branch by tomorrow.

Oh cool! I’ve been busy so I’ve put that aside for now but I’ll pick up after you!

Awesome sauce.

Okay I have branch up and a PR Pending.

@daiyi Okay, I’ve squash, merge and added a couple of more commits to the master branch.