Developer introductions, and welcome!

Hello, everyone. MyPaint maintainer/developer/packager here.
I’m not sure what I want to use this category for right now, but I’m guessing it would nice to have a topic for introducing ourselves. Perhaps @odysseywestra can pin it?

I’ll start. Oh dear, I’m terrible when it comes to talking about myself.

I’m Andrew Chadwick, and I’m pretty heavily involved in MyPaint development. Looking at the commit log, my first contribution was back in December 2009 when it was completely run by Martin and Jon, and I seem to have been sucked in as a project maintainer since then. I think most of the code has my fingerprints on it now, so I bear a lot of responsibility for anything that goes wrong :smiling_imp:

In my day job, I’m a computer systems administrator at Oxford University, in the medical sciences bit. It’s nowhere near as pretty as you might think: the views from our window are of a busy hospital car park and a distant coal-fired power station. I’m a lover of design and art, from an amateur art-appreciators perspective. I feel that trying to understand colour and artistic allegory and realism from a psychological and scientific point of view enriches my appreciation of both art and science. I’ve been into SF and comics geekery from an early age, with a eye for weird fiction and awesome anime. And I’m a pretty heavy RPG nerd too.

When it comes to MyPaint development, I want to share what I’ve learned to make it easier for others to get involved. I’ll always try my hardest to help explain just about about any aspect of the code’s inner working, so just ask if something looks weird or incomprehensible! I think it’s really important (for this Developer’s Area category at least) to be fostering a community where it’s OK to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand”. Let me know if there’s anything I can do in the forums or on the 'blog to make life easier.


Season’s Greetings from The Philippines!

I’m regularly compiling MyPaint for three architechures in Debian GNU/Linux, formerly AMD64 in Fedora 22/23 GNU/Linux, previously attempted ARMv6 Raspberry Pi. As soon as I see an update in Github, I immediately compile MyPaint on my primary computer (64-bit Debian “Stretch” GNU/Linux). Secondarily, I am also compiling MyPaint on 32-bit Debian GNU/Linux IA-32 (1 of 2 netbooks) and PowerPC (iBook G4). I look for the pressure-sensitivity with my Genius-brand EasyPen i405X; I cannot afford to buy a Wacom-brand.

I used to compile GNU/Linux kernels, but I’ve retired from doing that. Have a Nice Day!

Hello world,
Pablo from the middle of the UK. My interests have always been computing, electronics and art. I’ve been too lazy or busy to do much drawing or painting! I have MyPaint and a Wacom tablet for fun. I hope to learn a lot from this forum.

Hi, I just downloaded the latest beta, it looks really good, I think this program has a great feel for not getting in the way of the user. I do have one suggestion. If I want to rotate the canvas I can use the shift and button on the pen, but I noticed I can also open up the rotate tool under the View menu. But I have to go up and open it, plus there is no keyboard shortcut to activate it. I think it would be great if that rotate tool could sit permanently somewhere so we could just click it with the pen and use it. The less I need to use the keyboard the better the painting experience would be, that seems to fit the MyPaint philosophy. I always look at the rotate canvas function of the different paint apps out there, and I think MyPaint’s tool is one of the best and least intrusive, apart from the fact that it is not there available for me to use quickly without jumping through hoops. My suggestion is to find a place for it in the general UI so we can just click it on when needed.

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Hi guys! My name is Charisse. I live in Italy. I am a self-taught developer (actually just started this year) and I’m currently learning Python.
I actually came across myPaint when I was looking for open source projects to contribute to. And as much as I want to contribute by fixing bugs and improving the software, I’m afraid I’m not capable of it (yet!) but I’d still love to contribute in other aspects like documentation and tutorials while learning Python by reading the code. (If I can just get pass the windows binary building…) This is also going to be my very first open source participation so I’m really excited to jump in and be a part of this humble community.

Everybody seems so friendly I cant even!

Not sure I qualify as a developer but I’ll try to introduce myself:
I am an oceanographer and I’d like to use mypaint to annotate scientific presentations.
My programming skills and knowledge of the free software community are very limited.
I’ll still try to make a couple of modifications in mypaint to make sure it fits my needs and that my modifications do not crash mypaint in the middle of a presentation.

Here I need a little help from you…
The mouse pointer when i use a pen is very small(just a small dot)…
is there a way to change my mouse pointer to some images(ex. Real picture of pen or pen with hand)?
Because i am using mypaint to create a video lectures where mouse pointer should be visible to viewers and it should look real…

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My name is Akihiko,nickname as ‘dothiko’,from Japan.
Please excuse me for my poor English :sweat_smile:.I mainly use online dictionary and Google translation.

I’m hobbyist programmer & painter (comic artist?).
My favorite programming language is C,Basic and Python.I can also use C++,but I dont like C++

I’ve used MyPaint,especially drawing anime/manga style lineart(with Inktool/freehand) and watercolor like painting.
And also use Krita,Gimp and Inkscape.

I’m big fan of Mypaint’s Inktool,which is the feature I’m waiting for long time.
For me,it is difficult to draw a long,properly weighted and curved line,even on a real paper.
I used ‘spline assistant’ of Krita or ‘along path’ of Gimp, to draw such curve before.
But now, with Inktool, I can do it easily!!

About my PC environment:

I used Windows XP until 2008,and since then switched to Linux.
I’ve currently use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (amd64).

About favorite entertainment:

I love Sci-fi/fantasy movies,such as ‘District 9’ , ‘Sucker punch’ (this movie named ‘Angel wars’ in Japan), ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Predator’ series, ‘Matrix’, ‘Equilibrium’ (yes,GUN=KATA!) ,and so on.
and also love animation films,especially Hayao Miyazaki(Studio Ghibli) or Kyoto Animation works.
When it comes to videogame,I love classic 2D games,such as ‘DragonBuster’,‘Golden Axe’,‘Rastan Saga’,‘California Games’(Atari LYNX version),‘Klax’,‘Lemmings’,‘R-Type’,‘Rayxanber’,‘Darius’(Sagaia),etc.

Thank you for your time,
Have a nice day!

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