Default brush collection not found

Hi, I have installed MSY32.mypaint-git-w32.mypaint-debug.2.0-1 on Windows 10. Trying to run it, it gives an error: Default brush collection not found! It says it should be on mingw64/share/… but of course there is no mingw64 folder because I installed the w32 version. There is a mingw32 folder.

Can you please fix it?


I found a way to solve it: just copy and paste the mingw32 folder. After that I changed the folder’s name to mingw64 having both folders in the system.

It worked.

Of course, it is not optimal, beacuse it takes double space, but it worked.

Sorry, I was hoping no one used 32 bit. I’m going to try to fix that soon, after I figure out exactly how the packaging works! You could also edit the file lib/ to correct the path instead of copying the whole tree