Crane (bird)

I received a birth card. I got a new cousin with the name Jax, so I set myself to draw a welcome card in MyPaint. I choose a close up photo of a crane bird as base. Took about 2 hours. Slowly getting used to drawing (no talents here at all)

Great software for someone like me!

Text is in Dutch, welcoming Jax to this world and wishing him a good and prosperous life (which is what the crane bird stands for). Original drawing is converted to B&W as that is how I will print it.

Just Vecht


Nice! As you are working in greyscale, try another version with tones! :slight_smile:

Hi Oscillator,


As a beginner, I drew the outlines in this picture and next filled them in with GIMP. That went OK, but I know Krita is the way to go. There is clearly some things to improve. In case of tones you use a tone style brush and no sharp outline drawing. Is that what you meant?


When coloring (or applying grey-scales) I usually export the mypaint outlines to krita. In Krita I paint solid colors on a separate layer, then I lock the transparent pixels and I can apply any brushes only to the flat colored areas.

Clear! I will try do that in GIMP for now as I know GIMP well. Moving over to Krita for the job is planned as the next step.

Thanks for the advice,