Could not Find Dwmapi.dll Error

Hello, i started to use MyPaint today but i have a little problem. Everywhen i started icon with MyPaint I got a error “Could not find dwmapi.dll”. Do you know what to do with this ? :slightly_smiling:

First off Hi, welcome to our community forums. Couple of questions we need to ask before we can help you. First off which version of MyPaint did you download and installed? Plus what version of Windows are you using?

FYI, the developer area is for Developers to ask questions about how to go about coding for MyPaint and not for general help questions. So I moved this thread to MyPaint Questions. Keep that in mind in the future.

Oh, sorry I will not do it again. I´m using Windows XP Service Pack 3. I have downloaded mypaint-w32-1.2.0-beta.4-setup.exe from github release page :slight_smile: Will this help ?

Thank you.

Sadly I believe we don’t build for Windows XP any more since Microsoft dropped support for it. The current builds are built against Windows 7 and up. So I would suggest you either upgrade to Windows 7, or try out a Linux distribution that is light on resources like Ubuntu Mate Edition, or Xubuntu especially if you have a system that is a single core.

Awww. Okay I will upgrade and I will tell you if i get some problem :slight_smile: Thank you.

Alright. Look forward to hearing an update about this then. Good luck. ^^

You might want to look at this as well.

It may be an issue with your operating system than MyPaint itself.