Comics made with mypaint?

Does anyone here make comics? Please share :)!

here is an example of mine:

you can “read” (the characters speak in pictures) it all here
one page takes me 10 -14 hours, the black borders are done in gimp
here are the sketches, i found that background very useful.

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Just randomly picked one from my site:

Please note that it’s only my early works that are done with MyPaint.

You can read the rest here:

Here is one of mine. Inks and colors are MyPaint, panels and lettering is Inkscape.

I started with MyPaint for sketching. Then I did the inks in MyPaint (sometimes after scaling up with GIMP or Graphics Magick because I love sketching super low rez), then I traced them with potrace and made flats in inkscape, and I did the panels and word balloons, and then I bring the whole thing back into MyPaint lettered and all, use the flats for Destination In layers in Mypaint where I finally did the colors. I like doing the panels and lettering early, like Sienkiewicz also does. It makes sense to me.