Collaborating with Opentoonz - libbrush, ORA, etc?

Opentoonz has just been released as open source. It is a big big animation application that is almost on the same level as toonboom harmony.

After trying it out, I was immensely impressed by the features.

Now this is where I would like to direct a few questions to the mypaint developers.

  • on ORA - Opentoonz community is looking for an open file format for storing 2d animations - an alternative to the proprietary one that opentoonz uses. Would it be possible for ora to become that file format? Do you think it could also support animations? This is a question that would be appropriate for the Krita developers as well. They recently implemented bitmap animation in krita as well. That said - ora will need to also store vector layers that open toonz uses. Do you think it’s a good idea to use ora for this task. What modifications of the file format need to be done?

  • on libbrush - Given that Opentoonz uses a BSD license, is it possible to integrate libbrush into it’s raster brush tool? That tool currently lags behind mypaint because it cant do anything but basic thick or soft lines. So it’s not very good for sketching as compared to tvpaint. But if mypaint’s brush engine was made part of it - that would be a different story altogether :slight_smile:

Do you think that mypaint and opentoonz development can collaborate? For one to take from the other and give back? Or would the licensing be an issue in this case?

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